khao lak mangrove explorers

Over the last 3 years we have been amazed by the popularity of our adventures in the Khao Lak Mangroves.
Recently we have decoded to expand our trips and explore new and exciting areas. So, we have set up a brand new website, with all our old adventures and lots of new trips planned for the near furure! We are now Discovery Travel!

Take a look at our new website and start your adventure by clicking below.
Mangrove Explorers
  Unknown to many Khao Lak is home to a beautiful and almost undiscovered mangrove eco system with rivers, jungles and forests. Khao Lak's mangrove cover an area of over 60 square kilometres, and for the first time it is now possible to experience this breathtaking and tranquil environment.

Our trips are eco-friendly and are the first and only trips of their kind. We offer you the chance to come, explore and experience with us this stunning environment in locations never before seen by anyone except by local fisherman.
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The Award for Excellence in Service 2018 - Phang Nga, Thailand

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Mangrove Exploration & Kayaking
Join us as we take you by long-tail boat to a secluded location deep inside the mangrove jungle to kayak and explore this amazing eco system. With plenty of photographic opportunities and a chance to cool off and swim in a hidden in-land lagoon this is the perfect trip for anyone who wants to experience the tranquility of nature.

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Shoreline Cruise &
Secluded Beach
Leaving from our pier in an 'off the beaten track' local fishing village we will take you on a cruise along the edge of the mangrove forests, fishing towns and rivers that make up the Khao Lak coastline. Then on to a long, soft sandy beach to relax and spend some time away from every-day life.
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Mangrove Fishing &
Relaxing Adventure
The Khao Lak mangroves are a natural breeding ground for all kinds of marine life. Local people have been fishing and living in this area for hundreds of years. Learn a few tricks or the trade from the people who know them best, with this beautiful and relaxing trip.
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khao lak mangrove explorers